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April 9, 2019

11:30:00 AM - 12.30
Past, Present and Future of GMP - compliant robotic production of cell therapy products

Speaker : Professor Denys Bilko

Sponsored by : Kintaro Cells Power Corporation

Summary: Cell therapies are among newest and most challenging aspects of modern translational medicine. Amongst many challenges, GMP compliant production of the cell therapy products are the hardest to comprehend, as these products fall between classical pharmaceutical medicines and medical devices. Use of robot assisted production technology is a game changer that the market may be looking for.

General Audiece who are from medical, pharmaceutical,research & development
Commercial industries

April 9, 2019

12:45:00 PM - 14.0
MDR (Medical Device Regulation) - Key Changes and Time Lines

Speaker : Hasan Zarin Mehr

Sponsored by : DNV GL

Summary: The MDR regulation will replace the current medical device directive (MDD) and the active implantable medical device directive (AIMD). MDR is including 17 Annexes.
In this Seminar, we will focus on key changes of MDR, Transition Period and Annexes of MDR.
New changes including:
Market Access of Legacy Products
Reprocessing of Single Use Devices
Technical Documentation
Clinical Evaluation
Vigilance and Post Market Surveillance (PMS)
Mandatory Product Liability Insurance
Supply Chain
UDI System

Medical Device manufacturer and relevant persons in-charge including Top Managements, CEO, Regulatory Affairs (RA), Quality Management Representative (QMR), Quality Assurance (QA), all persons involved in providing Technical file/Documentation, Clinical Evaluators,
Consultants in Medical Device industries.
Medical Device companies who have plan for manufacturing and obtain the CE mark.

April 9, 2019

2:15:00 PM - 15.15
“Profit Through Patent Analysis”

Speaker : Mr. P. Kandiah / CEO

Sponsored by : KASS International Sdn. Bhd.

Summary: The talk will dispel the general misconception of the patent system. It will illustrate how innovative companies can use the patent system to protect their R&D results, create new products and claim exclusive rights to their new products in the globalised business environment especially in the health and medical device industry.

# Manufacturers

# Distributors

April 9, 2019

3:00:00 PM - 16.00
Practical Aspects for KINTARO CELLS Applications

Speaker : Dr Lai Jun Min & Dr Siw Tong Seng

Sponsored by : Kintaro Cells Power Corporation

Summary: Dr. Lai Jun Min Founder of Klinik Stellar and have delved into aesthetic medicine since 2012. One of the early adopters of stem cell treatments in Malaysia and is now part of the National Medical Research Registry for Stem Cell Therapy. She will share the advantages of Kintaro cells in the treatment of patients and explains how the mechanism of action of Kintaro cells on the patients body. She will highlight the key difference of Kintaro infusion and how Kintaro cells rejuvenate and prolong a person’s active life. Dr. Lai will also share with us the most promising areas of application of MSC.

Highly experienced O&G Specialist with various papers presented worldwide. Widely recognized and skilled in conducting O&G Reconstructive surgery and is now part of the National Medical Research Registry for Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Siw Tong Seng will provide an overview of the features of Kintaro cell infusion and the benefits to patients.

General Audience who are from medical, pharmaceutical,research & development
Commercial industries

April 11, 2019

10:15:00 AM - 11:15:00
Integrated Medical Gases Solution – beyond molecules.

Speaker : Marzli Hj. Muhammad

Sponsored by : Linde Malaysia

Summary: In Asia, Linde Healthcare operates in over 12 countries and partnering closely with all key stakeholders of the healthcare industry for medical engineering and gases.
An integrated medical gas solution starts from the source of supply, all the way to the patient across multiple platforms. This is developed with patient safety as top priority.
Leveraging our global expertise and technology, we are committed to bring the best solutions and innovation to Malaysia’s healthcare ecosystem.
Linde Healthcare aims to bring to you, our quality products which are produced to European Pharmacopeia, underlined by a comprehensive quality assurance system and framework.

All those who are responsible for

# gas pipeline fittings and solutions.
# Hospital Designers/Architects
# Maintenance

April 11, 2019

11:30:00 AM - 12.30
Results for 1500 human KINTARO CELLS treatments in South East

Speaker : Dr Lim Ting Song

Sponsored by : Kintaro Cells Power Corporation

Summary: Dr. Lim Ting Song was the winner of the Best Abstract Award for Aesthetic Dermatology for his work titled Facial Overfilled Syndrome In Asia. He was the first Malaysian aesthetic physician to win such a prestigious award. In this session, he will address the differences of cultured donor Kintaro cells from their own MSCS, the five features of Kintaro cell infusion to patient and the type of diseases recommended for the treatment of Kintaro cells. He will also provide examples of treatment of patients with high-dose injections in Southeast Asia.

General Audiece who are from medical, pharmaceutical,research & development
Commercial industries

April 11, 2019

12:45:00 PM - 13.45
"Productisation of Digital Health to Improve Patient adherence Program and Patient Care."

Speaker : Mr Kah Yee EG (Founder and CEO of Ucrest)

Sponsored by : Ucrest BHD

Summary: Improving Patient Adherence and Drug Efficiency
Create a 360 Degree program that covers all aspects of Patient Drop Outs and Provides Real Feedback from Patients through personalized digital health with IOT, Block chain and AI

Pharma Companies
Medical Device Distributors
Employee Benefit

April 11, 2019

2:00:00 PM - 15.00
How to Qualify as an EECP Patient?
Guidelines for Safe Screening of EECP patients in Outpatient GP Setting

Speaker : Dr. Wong Teck Wee

Sponsored by : MPCN

Summary: Dr Wong will be explaining the basics about the External Counter Pulsation Therapy and its benefits. Most important, he will be explaining about Patient Selections "How to Qualify as an EECP Patient?" and also the guidelines in screening an EECP Patient in the outpatient setting.

This is to enhance the knowledge of existing EECP Practitioners and potential therapists. The overall objective of this seminar is about ensuring patient safety and optimization of the therapy.

EECP/ECP center
ECP Therapist
ECP Physicians
General Practitioner
Purchaser of medical devices
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