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April 9, 2019

2:15:00 PM - 15.15
“Profit Through Patent Analysis”

Speaker : Mr. P. Kandiah / CEO

Sponsored by : KASS International Sdn. Bhd.

Summary: The talk will dispel the general misconception of the patent system. It will illustrate how innovative companies can use the patent system to protect their R&D results, create new products and claim exclusive rights to their new products in the globalised business environment especially in the health and medical device industry.

# Manufacturers

# Distributors

April 11, 2019

11:30:00 AM - 12.30
Results for 1500 human KINTARO CELLS treatments in South East

Speaker : Dr Lim Ting Song

Sponsored by : Kintaro Cells Power Corporation

Summary: Dr. Lim Ting Song was the winner of the Best Abstract Award for Aesthetic Dermatology for his work titled Facial Overfilled Syndrome In Asia. He was the first Malaysian aesthetic physician to win such a prestigious award. In this session, he will address the differences of cultured donor Kintaro cells from their own MSCS, the five features of Kintaro cell infusion to patient and the type of diseases recommended for the treatment of Kintaro cells. He will also provide examples of treatment of patients with high-dose injections in Southeast Asia.

General Audiece who are from medical, pharmaceutical,research & development
Commercial industries

April 11, 2019

12:45:00 PM - 13.45
"Productisation of Digital Health to Improve Patient adherence Program and Patient Care."

Speaker : Mr Kah Yee EG (Founder and CEO of Ucrest)

Sponsored by : Ucrest BHD

Summary: Improving Patient Adherence and Drug Efficiency
Create a 360 Degree program that covers all aspects of Patient Drop Outs and Provides Real Feedback from Patients through personalized digital health with IOT, Block chain and AI

Pharma Companies
Medical Device Distributors
Employee Benefit

April 11, 2019

2:00:00 PM - 15.00
How to Qualify as an EECP Patient?
Guidelines for Safe Screening of EECP patients in Outpatient GP Setting

Speaker : Dr. Wong Teck Wee

Sponsored by : MPCN

Summary: Dr Wong will be explaining the basics about the External Counter Pulsation Therapy and its benefits. Most important, he will be explaining about Patient Selections "How to Qualify as an EECP Patient?" and also the guidelines in screening an EECP Patient in the outpatient setting.

This is to enhance the knowledge of existing EECP Practitioners and potential therapists. The overall objective of this seminar is about ensuring patient safety and optimization of the therapy.

EECP/ECP center
ECP Therapist
ECP Physicians
General Practitioner
Purchaser of medical devices
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