The 2015 Show Preview Listing

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CA-MI srl1127
Stand Manager: Mr. Francesco Monti
Company Profile:

CA-MI snc was established in 1984 as manufacturer of aerosol therapy devices.

Thanks to the continuous search and development, has increased its production with new product's line, as Surgical Aspirator, Thermal Water Inhalators and Compression Stockings so that it will be able to cover many more medical fields.

Details Of Products:
  • Suction Units

  • ENT Therapy Products

  • Compression Stockings 

Sector :
Geographic Area :
We Wish To Meet : Anyone who is interested to know more about our products.
CBMTI Sdn Bhd1114
Stand Manager: Mr Yuwaraj Kumar
Company Profile:

 Centre for Biomedical Technology Integration or CBMTI Sdn. Bhd, a research and development based company specialised in 3 D biomodelling and product design.

Details Of Products:

Our Current Projects Include:

Customised titanium implants for cranial and maxillofacial reconstruction

  • Spine Biomodels
  • Frame Biomodels
  • Biomodels with Slotters
  • Maxillofacial Biomodels
  • MEDCOM OR - a medical communication system in Operating Rooms
Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Potential Clients
Changsha SinoCare Inc1088
Stand Manager: Ms.Susan
Company Profile:

Changsha SinoCare Specializes in Diabetes Care, and is one of the biggest blood glucose monitoring system manufacture in Asia.

Details Of Products:

# Blood Glucose Monitoring System

# Blood Glucose Test Strip

# Diagnostic Equipment

# Diabetes Care


Sector : Distirbution,Sales Representative,Services:Sales/Purchase,Hospitals
Geographic Area : SE Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore
We Wish To Meet : Anyone interested in our products
Changzhou Nanxiang Medical Device Co. Ltd.1096
Stand Manager: Pauline Huang
Company Profile:

We manufacture:  interlocking nail and metal bone plates.
And lead in the Production, Development, Scientific Research and concentrate on high-precision, ease of use and realiable quality.

Details Of Products:

Surgical instruments, implants and artificial organs, disposable medical supplies, surgical equipment, traction, etc.

Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Distributors
Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd1091
Stand Manager: Ms. Queenqi Dong
Company Profile:

Contec Medical Systems CO focuses on research, manufacture and distribution of medical instruments. We are one of the largest medical devices producers in China.

Details Of Products:
  • Medical Equipment

  • Hospital Devices

  • Homecare Devices

Sector : Distribution, Sales Representative
Geographic Area :
We Wish To Meet : Anyone who is interested in our products
Cubic Life Sciences Sdn Bhd1003
Stand Manager: Ms. Fai West
Company Profile:

We provide consultancy services for engineering, commissioning and validation for pharmaceutical companies and regulatory compliance for medical device industry.

Come and drop by at our booth to know about our Company

Details Of Products:
  •  Consultancy Services

Sector : Distribution,Product Registration,Regulatory Affairs,GDPMD
Geographic Area : Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand
We Wish To Meet : Anyone interested in knowing more about our product.
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