The 2015 Show Preview Listing

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Hangzhou Rollmed Co. Ltd.1095
Stand Manager: Mr Martin
Company Profile:

ROLLMED is one of the most professional suppliers for medical, dental and laboratory products in China. 

Our company provides professional services for customers over the world, and our products have competitive price with high quality. 

From its establishment in 2008 - we have enjoyed a solid reputation in our industry.

Details Of Products:
  • Medical Disposaables
  • Lab Disposables
Sector :
Geographic Area : MALAYSIA / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Distributors
Happy Link Distributors Sdn Bhd1105
Stand Manager: Ms Jess Yap
Company Profile:

We are involved in the marketing and distribution of Bee Products and a quality that has been enjoyed by many since 1988. 

All our products are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and manufactured under a GMP certified environment.

Details Of Products:
Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Decision Makers with an interest in our products
HK Co. Ltd.108
Stand Manager: Lee, Jae Bong
Company Profile:
Details Of Products:
Sector :
Geographic Area : MALAYSIA /GLOBAL
We Wish To Meet : Decision Makers with an interest in our products
HL Advance Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd1022
Stand Manager: Mr. Muhammad Idris Yap Bin Abdullah
Company Profile:

HL Advance Technologies with a background in stainless steel fabrication today supplies machinery for growing global demand for rubber gloves.

It is today the leader in the supply of equipment for the entire assembly line.

The scope of supply has been expanded to include design, fabricate, install, commission, training and technology transfer to factory key personnel on turnkey basis. 

Visitors are welcome to discuss their specific requirements.

Details Of Products:
  • Glove Dipping Machine

Sector :
Geographic Area : ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Manufacturers and others with an interest in our products
Hunan Jianyuan Medical Science Co.Ltd1100
Stand Manager: Mr. Xie Jun
Company Profile:

Jianyuan Medical Science specialises in research, development,     production and sales of TCM rehablilitation diagnosis and treatment equipment.


The packet comprehesive instrument is based on TCM theories, it makes use of modern scientific medical means to combine external TCM with various techniques like modern recovery, sub-nanometer and intelligent control to develop the new intelligent TCM therapeutic equipment.


It is matched with different magnetic packets various diseases.
And suitable for treatment of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, trauma pain,lumbar musle strain, epigastria pain, bronchial asthma, diabetes, irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammation, hyperplasic of breast, prostate, etc.


We sell the series products is widely applied in hospital, clinical and health care physical therapy shop, exported worldwide.

Details Of Products:
  • Packet Comprehensive Instrument
  • TCM Packet Comprehensive Instrument
  • Lumbar Disc Physiotherapy Stickers
Sector :
Geographic Area : MALAYSIA/ ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Distributors / ASEAN
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