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National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia1030
Stand Manager: Ms. Too Shiang Peng
Company Profile:

 For 46 years, NKF has been providing subsidised dialysis treatments for the nation’s hard core poor kidney patients and creating awareness on prevention through public education. Today NKF is serving more than 1500 end-stage kidney failure patients. Kidney patients have to endure through 4 hours of dialysis treatment, 3 times a week, 13 times a month to stay alive. 

NKF’s patients are generally from the lower income group and these patients often could not afford dialysis treatments at private medical facilities which usually charge RM150 to RM250 for each dialysis session. NKF helps by subsidising the cost of the patients’ dialysis treatments, so that they are only required to pay a RM50 nominal fee per dialysis session. As for the hardcore poor patients, NKF fully subsidize their dialysis treatments. 

As a 100% non-profit organization, we humbly pledge your kind donation to continue our mission to save lives. 

Details Of Products:
  •  NGO
Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia/ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Anyone with an interest in our products
Netturul Resources Sdn Bhd1070
Stand Manager: Ms. Lee Lok Wei
Company Profile:

Cambridge Weight Plan is a weight management plan making use of specifically formulated flavoured  shakes , soups , bars and porridge to supply low calorie diet.

It contains necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements the body needs to maintain balanced nutrition which can be used for fast weight loss or with normal meals for a more gradual weight loss or for weight maintenance. 

It's formulation has been proven to be safe and effective for weight management and weight maintenance. 
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Details Of Products:
  •  Body Enhancement & Fitness

  •  Food Supplements

  •  Health Care

  • Slimming Care

Sector : Distribution, Joint Venture
Geographic Area : Indonesia, Singapore, China
We Wish To Meet : Distributors & Visitors
NICApur Supplements GmbH & Co KG1071
Stand Manager: Mr. Thomas Königsbauer
Company Profile:

The micronutrient preparations of the Austrian family-run company NICApur are of particular high quality and guaranteed without additives. The products range from vitamins and minerals, to plant extracts and selected lactobacilli and on to preparations for special purposes such as concentration, sleep or the immune system.

NICApur has developed the mediBalance product line as a supplement to medicines, such as those for lowering cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. 

Details Of Products:



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxMinerals and trace elements

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCoenyme Q10 

Sector : Distribution, Services:Sales/Purchase
Geographic Area : SE Asia
We Wish To Meet : Anyone who is interested in our products
Stand Manager: Mr Simmon Lim
Company Profile:

We are Medical Importer and Distributors.

Our major products are rehabilitation and sports products . 


We supply theraphy and orthopaedic products made in Taiwan .  We represent a few quality and reputable companies that major in self disgnostic machines such as Aerosol and Aspirator from Italy , Non Contact thermometer from Korea and Blood pressure Meter from Japan.

Details Of Products:
  • Rehabilitation and  Sport Products
  • Theraphy and Orthopaedic Braces
  • Primary and Secondary Disposable Dressing
  • Self Diagnostic Machines
Sector : Retail and Distributorships
Geographic Area : Malaysia / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Distributors
NW Medical Disposable Products Sdn Bhd1068
Stand Manager: Ms. Ai Lin
Company Profile:

We are an exporter of premium quality gloves and surgical face masks. Our products are distributed in Europe, Singapore and Malaysia. 

We are also a direct importer of various types of disposable products and we specialise in providing disposable products to the  medical hospitals and clinics, dental segment, beauty care service as well as for industrial use. 

Our products are marketed under our brand name UNIGLOVES® . 

The UNIGLOVES®  brand is well established and can be easily found in pharmacies around Malaysia. 

For those who like to carry our products with their own brand, we do provide the service of doing OEM. 

We have over 70 types of disposable products and we are expanding the range every year as we add on new products to meet the market disposable protection needs.

 “Your Protection is Our Main Concern.”

Details Of Products:
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Medical Disposables Products
  • Dental Disposable Products
Sector : Importers / Distributors
Geographic Area : MALAYSIA / WORLDWIDE
We Wish To Meet : Visitors with an interest in our products
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