The 2015 Show Preview Listing

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Pentalpha Medical Ltd.1020
Stand Manager: Mr. William Ng
Company Profile:

Pentalpha is a subsidiary of Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. and was formed as a specialized division to focus on the development of medical products incorporating micro cameras.   

Dongguan Microview Medical Technology Co Ltd. 

We develop wide range of endoscopic medical products, such as Endoscopic System for Surgical Abortion, Dermatoscope, Trocar, Intraoral Camera, Non-Sterile Hysteroscope, ENT Specialty Instruments and Sigmoidoscope.

Details Of Products:
  • Endoscopic System for Surgical Abortion
  • Dermatoscope, Trocar
  • Gynecological Devices
  • ENT Specialty Instruments, Sigmoidoscope
Sector :
Geographic Area : MALAYSIA / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Distributors
Perfect Laser Technology Co., Ltd1101
Stand Manager: Mrs Tang Tianmi
Company Profile:

Wuhan Guangdun & Perfect Laser Technology is a domestic laser & acupuncture high-tech medical equipment enterprise. 

We have developed many products with our own LASPOT brand and MGSER. such as LASPOT wrist-type laser therapeutic instruments for three high, diabetes laser instruments, rhinitis laser instruments, pain therapeutic instruments for body pain and so on. 

"Based on quality" is our root principle. Our products are under our own brand, and we are applying for CE and RoHS certifications which will set up a solid foundation for the global marketing of our company. 

Our aim is to promote the development of the green medical treatment industry and to make contributions to the household medical instrument industry in the world.

Details Of Products:
  • Wristy-type laser device for hypertention treatment
  • Body pain relief laser device
  • Rhinitis and tinnitus device
  • Man sexual dysfunction rehabilitation medical device
Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand
We Wish To Meet : Distributors
Physical Balance Biotech Co.,Ltd1058
Stand Manager: Mr. Chang Chao Chin
Company Profile:

 Live Biotic Enzyme is a health drink composed of five commensal floras, which are

  • Yeast
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Actinobacteria
  • Photosynthetic Bacteria
  • Flora of Plants

Live Biotic Enzyme can ease the discomfort of hypertension.insomnia and gastric ulcer.

Details Of Products:
  • Health Food 

Sector : Sales Representative
Geographic Area : SE Asia,China,Singapore,Indonesia
We Wish To Meet : Anyone who is interested in our product
Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd1077
Stand Manager: Mr Teh Teong Ei
Company Profile:

Pinang Medical Supplies (PMS), which was established in 1980, represents the largest supplier of a wide range of branded medical and healthcare products to the medical profession and the public throughout Malaysia. 

Our business also extends to the neighbouring Southeast Asia countries.

Details Of Products:

We offer the most complete, highest value line of MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, which range from simple disposable to sophisticated equipment. 

We also specialise in HOME HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS. Our products are of a high quality and are sourced from many of the top manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia such as:

BackJoy, Etac, Karma, Abena, Yuwell, Apex and OppO.

Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia / SE-Asia
We Wish To Meet : Persons with an interest in our products
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