The 2015 Show Preview Listing

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Young Chemical Co. Ltd.1027
Stand Manager: Mr. Han-Sung, Youn
Company Profile:

Our products are first aid bandages and surgical tapes for the purpose of wound-care or wound protection. They come in a variety of shapes and materials such as plastic, non-woven and fabrics so there are so many items that the customers can choose for their wounds easily. We are the biggest manufacturer in Korea for the first aid bandages.

Details Of Products:
  • Adhesive Plasters
  • Surgical Tapes
  • Wound Dressing
Sector :
Geographic Area : Malaysia / ASEAN
We Wish To Meet : Persons with an interest in our line of products
Youth Hope International Co..,Ltd.1065
Stand Manager: Mr Johnson Huang
Company Profile:

Youth Hope devotes to develop formulas and OEM integrated service for functional food and cosmetics.
We do researches and develop new ingredients and materials to enhance the advantages of our competitivess while sharing the experience and comments with local manufacturers.

Details Of Products:
  • Food Supplements

Sector : Distribution, Sales Representative
Geographic Area : Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand
We Wish To Meet : Food Supplement Wholesaler and Trade Companies
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