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Benson Medical is an Australian company founded in April, 2005 and its mission is to enhance their customer's health and wellbeing by addressing the very common problem of respiratory deficiency and chronic snoring, without the need of medication or surgery, thus improving quality of sleep and health by maintaining increased oxygen level by using these unique, newly developed nasal devices.

The Snoreben© and MedAir©, proudly an Australian designed and manufactured inventions, are ready to supply to all those in need and who are suffering from specific illnesses caused by respiratory defficiency.

This is a long term industry which is generated by the serious increase of sufferers and demands in Australia and around the world



  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • SNOREBEN (Non-Sterile Anti-Snoring Nasal Device)- Pharmaceuticals 
  • MEDAIR -  (Sterile Nasal Device)- Hospitals and Emergency Services
  • See Us At Booth No: 1107 -  Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

Booth No : 1107

Stand Manager : Mr. Richard Benson

We Wish To Meet : Distributors

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