National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia


 For 46 years, NKF has been providing subsidised dialysis treatments for the nation’s hard core poor kidney patients and creating awareness on prevention through public education. Today NKF is serving more than 1500 end-stage kidney failure patients. Kidney patients have to endure through 4 hours of dialysis treatment, 3 times a week, 13 times a month to stay alive. 

NKF’s patients are generally from the lower income group and these patients often could not afford dialysis treatments at private medical facilities which usually charge RM150 to RM250 for each dialysis session. NKF helps by subsidising the cost of the patients’ dialysis treatments, so that they are only required to pay a RM50 nominal fee per dialysis session. As for the hardcore poor patients, NKF fully subsidize their dialysis treatments. 

As a 100% non-profit organization, we humbly pledge your kind donation to continue our mission to save lives. 



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Booth No : 1030

Stand Manager : Ms. Too Shiang Peng

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