Meden-Inmed sp. zo.o.


We strive to deliver products that support physiotherapists to achieve better results faster and in a cost-effective manner.

Our partners include well-known, worldwide companies delivering complete solutions for physiotherapy and medical sector.


Maker of robust physical therapy and rehabilitation devices and solutions that help to regain patient mobility faster and aimed at helping the aging population as well as other patients needing physical therapy treatment of this kind.

The products include high-quality kinesitherapy couches, hydromassage tubs including advanced medical models. SPA and Wellness and medical balneology tubs. We also offer new neurorehab devices and gait trainers for cost-conscious customers.

Our product range:

  • Treatment tables
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Medical furniture, treatment tables
  • Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy


Booth No : 4034

Stand Manager : Mr Tomasz Gorecki

We Wish To Meet : Distributors relevant to our product

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