Medico Sdn Bhd


We specialises in medical/ healthcare disposables & equipment. With special emphasis on quality & superior customer service, it is our utmost desire to maximize customer satisfaction.

With the launch of our brand, MEDISCIENCE, we are able to serve our customers event better.


Our product range:

  • MediScience - thermometer probe covers, pap smear kit, heparin cap, vaginal speculum, amniotic perforator, alcohol pad, nasal cannula, cord clamp, ID bracelet, 3 way stopcock, ECG paper kenz, mouth piece peak flowmeter, urinalysis reagent test strips - glucose & protein, urinalysis reagent test strips - ketone, yankauer sucker with vent, extension T-connector with slide clamp, non-woven eye pad sterile, sterilization green crepe paper, ultrasound gel, male external catheter, tourniquet, suction catheter, BP absorbent gauze roll, thoracic trocar catheter, precut gauze, face mask with eye shield, underpad, plastic apron, combired stopper, ECG gel, examination latex glove, ECG Electrode, urine bag hanger & isolation gown with cuff.
  • Auto touch - safety lancets
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Steriline - septi gel & septi-sol solution
  • Durico - ultrasound paper
  • Sensatest - urine reagent strip and urine pregnancy test kit
  • TFA - dial thermometer/ fridge & min-max thermometer

Booth No : 4243

Stand Manager : Mrs Saliza Nazri

We Wish To Meet : Distributors relevant to our product

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