Puresys Co., Ltd


Puresys Co., Ltd is a manufacturer with products under the category of electronics & electrical appliances. Puresys is one of the world's leading companies awarded with Korea's honorable Good Design and world's sustainable Green Good Design Award.


Puresys is a people-oriented eco-friendly air sterilizer. The exclusive technology "AIR MAGIC" is a 3 level filter that filters fine dust and perfectly removes the remained germs and viruses through continuous electric/ chemical catalyst reaction. As a sterilizer 2,000 times faster than ozone emitting Zero eco-technology and 180 times faster than UV, it can be used anywhere in homes, schools, public offices, hospitals, and etc.

Our product range:

  • Air purifier sterilizer
  • Smoke control

Booth No : 4026

Stand Manager : Mr Wooyoung, Lee

We Wish To Meet : Distributors relevant to our product

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