AHKW Hong (Macau)


AHKW Hong was established in 2005, a subsidiary of  the AHCT Group, has now grown into a well-known medicine & health products import and export wholesaler in Macau. Our major customers include not only the retail shops of the AHCT Group, but also more than 200 local customers such as pharmacies / health shops / beauty shops / wholesaler.

With the development of private brands "18 Rainbow" and “Anshi", AHKW Hong also becoming the exclusive wholesaler of a number of famous brands, such as "Sun Ten“ from Taiwan and so on.



  • LABOTTACH Le Bao Patch Series

  • 18Rainbow

  • Anshitang - Chinese Patent Medicine Series

  • Shun Heaven

  • Western Medicine

  • Health Products 

  • Milk Powder

Booth No : 4035

Stand Manager : Ms. Ivy Lin

We Wish To Meet : Distributors Relevant to our Products

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