Ucrest Berhad


We are one of the leading players in the digital health space, offering what we call a virtual hospital. For pharmacy companies we are working on the PAP (Patient Adherence Programs) to improve and address most aspects of the patient drop out. 

We are in business with many big brands of Pharma globally and operations in Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing. 

We majorly work with Pharmacies, Insurance, Hospitals and Individual doctors clinic in south east Asia. 

UCrest’s i-Medic™ Cloud Hospital is currently used by renowned doctors and patients in US, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Russia countries for the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic diseases.

Our platform is a combination of our patented chips, AI Software and iMedic platform.


  • iMedic - Virtual Hospital
  • Blood Pressure Regulator
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Mdrive / Mcard

Booth No : 2078

Stand Manager : Ms Uroosa Khan

We Wish To Meet : Potential Distributors

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