Jetkeen Biotechnology Co. Ltd.


JetKeen is a leading manufacturer and exporter in IVD/DNA sequencing/PCR laboratory consumables in China. With 10 years’ experience in this field. As a reliable and professional manufacturer, we have more than 40 innovation patents as well as supporting OEM/ODM services.

Our major products including PCR consumables, nucleic acid extraction consumables, luminescent immunoassays, cryogenic storage tubes, saliva collectors and pipette tips.

All the products come out from Class 100,000 clean room and strictly follow the ISO13485. They are validated on the actual workstations for which they are created and certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA, endotoxin, bioburden and pyrogen.


# Laboratory consumables

# IVD products

# PCR consumables

# Nucleic acid extraction consumables

Booth No : 4066

Stand Manager : Mr Tim Wong

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