Fu Li Hi-Technology Co., Ltd.


. . . One root -, pure handmade soap -, horse oil series, crystal mine hot spring bath bag

Since 1988 - Zeng Laojiao Jinmen one root series: pure handmade soap, horse oil, crystal mine hot spring bath bag, etc.
The founder is Mr. Zeng Fuli a well-known Chinese medicine scientist, international inventor and former president of the Taiwan Invention Association. Has a patent certificate for 15 products.

We are committed to serving the public with quality products.

Our products are displayed at major int'l fairs and sold in most of Asia. The Zeng Laojiao brand is widely recognized by the public.


  • Zeng Laojiao A Root Series of Kinmen
  • Hot Spring Soap Series
  • Horse Oil Nourishing Series
  • Dharameng Shampoo Series

Booth No : 4088

Stand Manager : Mr Tseng Fu Li

We Wish To Meet : Distributors & Retailers of Consumer Health Products

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