Tartu Science Park (Latvia)


 The Science / Technology Park is defined as a real estate-based initiative:

  • with close links with universities, research centers and other higher education and research institutions;
  • which has been launched to support the creation and growth of knowledge-intensive or value-added businesses;
  • the aim of which is to promote technology transfer, ie the implementation of research results in entrepreneurship.

Science parks began to spread more widely in the 1980s. The concept of a research park involves a set of spatially-suited (high) technology companies located in or near the university campus . The knowledge that is distributed and distributed in the collection is a momentum of growth and creates added value.


 Our Services :

  • Distribution of Business Information

  • Market Research Consultations

  • Aid in Foreign Relations

  • Organizing Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions

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Stand Manager : Mr. Vaido Mikheim

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