Tee Pham Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)


Since starting its operations in December 2015, Tee Pham Sdn Bhd has actively led the medical business market with a strong Sales & Marketing unit.


We are the Local Authorised Supplier of Medical Equioment for CA-MI and Progetti Brands. We also supply all types of high quality medical devices, instruments, equipments, rehabilitation, IVD and Disposable Products to all major hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, factories, Healthcare outlets as well as selling directly to end-users through our outlets. We also manufacture disposable & rehabilitation products under our brand Nur Care.


Today, sustained by a comprehensive nationwide sales and support network, we are considered a major market player made possiblethrough the combination of superior quality products and experienced marketing professionals who have injected their marketing skills and extensive working for the benefit of the company.




  • Nur Care

  • Disposables

  • Home Care

  • Hospital Furniture

Booth No : 4060

Stand Manager : Mr. Thyagarajan Govindarajoo

We Wish To Meet : Distributors Relevant to our Products

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